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Fó predicts: 6th place - Fylkir

Fylkir play the 4-3-3 system and one of the side’s main attributes is their passing style. They are a excellent passing side but their ruthlessnes in front of goal is often found wanting. Fylkir have lost more key players than any other Premiership club but have signed the likes of Peter Gravesen (brother of Thomas Gravesen) and goalkeeper Fjalar Þoreirsson from Throttur. The signings of Páll Gíslason and Jens Sævarsson from Throttur could also prove crucial.

Fylkir have new manager in Leifur Gardarson who can share his FH Hafnarfjördur experience (has been champions FH’s assistant manager the past few seasons) with the players. Fylkir play attractive football but that’s often not enough for success.

The players often try to pass the ball into the back of the net which often proves unsuccesful. The team has to be more direct in their attacking play.

Players to watch:
It will be interesting to watch Eyjólfur Hédinsson and Hrafnkell Helgason. Kjartan Breiddal is also a very promising player and can play as a full back or as a winger. Striker Christian Christiansen comes with experience from the Danish league. Gravesen has the potential to be the team leader.

Key player:
Gudni Rúnar Helgason is a player that has to step up to the plate and drive his teammates on. If Haukur Ingi Gudnason stays injury free he could become a real key player in the team.

Source: www.Fó

Fó predicts: 7th place - Víkingur Reykjavík

Víkingur Reykjavík are one of the two promoted sides and they did well in the Icelandic First Division last season. The teams characteristics is strength, togetherness and the fighting spirit. There are no stars in the side. Víkingur play the 4-4-2 system and have been good defensively in pre-season but the lack of goals is worrying.

The return of central defender Grétar Sigfinnur and midfielder Viktor Bjarki Arnarsson is a major reinforcment of the side.

The inexperience of the side in topflight football. Víkingur has good footballers but they are inexperience and they often lose games in the last minute.

Players to watch:
Viktor Bjarki is Víkingurs best player but he lacks consistency. Ingvar Kale is a promising goalkeeper who has been playing for the Iceland u-21 side.

Key players:
Grétar Sigfinnur, Viktor Bjarki and Ingvar Kale are the three key players for Víkingur.

Fó predicts: 8th place - ÍBV Vestmannaeyjar

ÍBV Vestmannaeyjar are not blessed with the best players in the league but they are very compact side. They play simple football which often gathers them points.
They had a very young side last season and it was a miracle that they succeded in avoiding relegation.

Their biggest advantage is their home stadium. The arrival of Danish striker Bo Henriksen is also a great coup as he is capable of scoring 8-12 goals in the league. If they sort out their defence and play it simple they can ruffle a few feathers.

The biggest weakness is the combination of the side combined with the age and the constant comings and goings of foreign players. Losing Ian Jeffs is a major blow for ÍBV but he was one of the best midfielders in the league last season – his loss will weaken the side.

Players to watch:
It will be interesting to follow Bo Henriksen and well as Bjarni Hólm. The same can be said about Atli Jóhannsson and Andri Ólafsson is a very promising player.

Key players:
Bo Henriksen is the key player for ÍBV. Andrew Mwesingwa is the Uganda captain and should be regarded as a key player also.

Source: www.Fó

Fó predicts: 9th place - Grindavík

Fó predict that Grindavík will finish in 9th place in the Icelandic Premiership and get relegated.

Grindavík begin every season as the dark horses in the league because of the fact that large numbers of players come and go after every season. Clubs like Grindavík, ÍBV, Keflavík and ÍA Akranes often base their success on homegrown players and quality foreign players who fit in well with the rest of the team.

The strength and the advantage of the Grindavík team is their home form. Its not easy to go to Grindavík and try to get the three points. There is a spark in the team. However their away form is often questionable and something they have to work on. They do however have great players like Sinisa Kekic and Óli Stefán Flóventsson who can change matches for them.

The apparent conveyor belt of foreigners coming into the side every season can disrupt the harmony in the side. I think they are thinking of buying more players which can go either way.

Players to watch:
Sinisa Kekic is a player that is wonderful to watch. Kekic is still one of the best players in the league even though he is now well over thirty years old. Paul McShane is also one of the players to watch in the team.

Key players:
Óli Stefán Flóventsson has been at Grindavík for a long time and the same can be said about Sinisa Kekic who is not only a good player but also a player with a heart of gold – those two are the key players.

Source: www.Fó

FH Hafnarfjördur predicted the title

The managers and captains of all the Icelandic Premiership clubs predict FH Hafnarfjördur to win the Icelandic Premiership in the annual Pre-Premiership prediction.

The Icelandic Premiership (Landsbankadeildin):

1. FH Hafnarfjördur 268 points
2-3. ÍA Akranes 247
2-3. KR Reykjavik 247
4. Valur 225
5. Keflavík 170
6. Fylkir 150
7-8. Breiðablik 91
7-8. Grindavík 91
9. ÍBV Vestmannaeyjar 82
10. Víkingur Reykjavík 79

Source: The Icelandic Football association (KSÍ)


Iceland has never made it to any big competition. Iceland has really never made any records at all, except trying to play father and son in the same match, but even that failed! In the late 90's we could have had father and son, twins and 3 brothers (and their father as a trainer) at once in the same team but it never materialized! That would surely be a record to put the Icelandic national team in the history books.

Icelandic people do not expect much from their national team, of course we want them to win, but most of all to fight and make us proud of who we are. Small nation, on a small cold island, positioned in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. When we loose, we say: Hey! They were much bigger than us! We really did not lose, considering total population in both nations! And in the same manner it makes us very proud to win!
Still, the best description in how we feel about our national team can be heard in our newest supporter's song… (That was loosely translated by Tryggvi Már Ingvarsson)

The wind came from wrong direction,
And it was hard to score
Because the forward panicked
When too many fans supported him!
Come on Iceland, come on Iceland, come on
Iceland… even though we are really bad!
The future is bright and hopefully we will qualify for one of the big competi-
tions in coming years. That would be major achievement for a nation with
fewer than 300.000 inhabitants.

Source: Tryggvi Már Ingvarsson. Troeter. 2003.



The Icelandic national team has played total 320 matches in all competitions, whereas the first match was against the main rival, Denmark in 1946. Iceland lost 0-3. Of these 320 matches, only 86 (27%) has ended with Icelandic win, 56 (18%) have ended with draw and we do not mention the rest. Iceland and Netherlands have played each other 11 times. Iceland has managed to win once (a friendly game in 1961), twice it ended with draw and Netherlands won the rest (one went 8-1 in 1973!!!).
The worst/best moments in the history of the Icelandic national team are probably (WC-Q World Cup Qualifiers, EC-Q European Cup Qualifiers):

" Denmark 14-2 Iceland (Friendly 1967 - Nightmare and the very worst moment of Icelandic football!)
" Iceland 2-1 East Germany (EC-Q 1975 - The first win in a competition against relative big opponent)
" Iceland 0-0 France (EC-Q 1986 - Platini played this game with France!)
" Iceland 1-1 USSR (EC-Q 1986)
" Iceland 1-1 USSR (WC-Q 1988)
" USSR 1-1 Iceland (WC-Q 1989 - Remarkable results for a country with
total 275.000 residents!)
" Iceland 5-1 Turkey (Friendly 1991)
" Iceland 2-0 Spain (EC-Q 1991 - no comment, just fantastic)
" Hungary 1-2 Iceland (WC-Q 1992 - A rare away victory against relative
good opponent)
" Iceland 1-1 France (EC-Q 1998 - France first game after being World
" Iceland 1-0 Russia (EC-Q 1998 - somehow we have always performed
well against Russia and USSR))
" Ukraine 1-1 Iceland (EC-Q 1999 - This was when Dynamo Kiev where
one of the best team in Europe)
" Iceland 3-1 Czech Republic (WC-Q 2000 - This victory was almost to big
for Icelandic football to handle… we lost next game against N-Ireland 3-0 and
then 6-0 against Denmark!)
" Iceland 1-1 Germany (WC-Q 2003 - We where very unlucky with just one
point from this game! If we had won it had been Netherlands against Iceland
in the playoffs, not Scotland.)

Source: Tryggvi Már Ingvarsson. Troeter. 2003.

Albert Gudmundsson - the first Icelandic professional footballer - short review

Albert Gudmundsson was the first Icelandic footballer to play in a Arsenal jersey and also the first to become a professional footballer abroad. Gudmundsson was infact the only second foreigner to play for Arsenal but the first was a Dutch goalkeeper by the name of Gerry Keiser who played for the Gunners in the 1930/31 season.

The 22-year-old Gudmundsson caught the eyes of the Arsenal manager Tom Whittaker while the Icelander was playing for Glasgow Rangers during the Second World War. He played for Rangers because he was studying Business at Skerry’s-College in Glasgow.

He arrived at Highbury in the summer of 1946. Whittaker wanted to offer him a professional contract but Gudmundsson didnt have a work permit due to him having lived in Britain for under two years.

Italian giants AC Milan, recognized the Gudmundsson´s talents and offered him a professional contract. The charismatic Icelander played for the Milan club in 1948 but suffered a bad injury when he broke his knee in match against Lazio and the doctors gave him little chance of recovering. AC Milana thought the risk of a opperation was too high and refused to pay for it. Gudmundsson bought up his contract and had the opperation that turned out to be succesful.

Gudmundsson also enjoyed a illustrious career in France. He returned to Iceland to become a highly succesful politician.

Source: Wikipedia.

I would also like to thank dino baggio is god! for his information.


The best Icelandic players today is already mentioned Eiður Smári who plays for Chelsea. Another player that is worth of mention is Jóhannes Karl Guðjónsson who started his career here in Netherlands with RKC Waalwijk. The Icelandic eleven after the heavy storm of last winter

Later on, he moved to Real Betis, then to Aston Villa, but is now at Wolves. He has two brothers who also are professionals and play with Bochum in Germany. Their father, former national team manager, is now the manager of Barnsley in the English second division.

Source: Tryggvi Már Ingvarsson. Troeter. 2003.

Risser gets the all clear to play for Breidablik

Icelandic Premiership club Breidablik have received the international clearence for Namibian defender Oliver Risser, reports Fó

The 25-year-old is expected to feature against Valur in the first day of the season on Monday.

Source: www.Fó

Tryggvason completes ÍR move

Throttur defender Ólafur Tryggvason has joined Icelandic 2nd Division club ÍR, reports Fó

The full-back scored 2 goals in 15 matches for Throttur in the Icelandic Premiership last season as the club got relegated to the first division.

Source: www.Fó

Grindavík suffer Stefánsson blow

celandic Premiership club Grindavík has suffered a blow to the start of the season campaign, reports Fó

The versatile Óli Stefán Flóventsson is suffereing from a minor knee injury and is expected to miss the first two matches of the season.

“I’ll definatly miss the first match against Akranes and I am not optimistic that I will be ready for the second league match against Fylkir," told Stefánsson Fó


SON AND SEN'SAlthough the training conditions in Iceland are not great, many Icelandic football players have done marvelous job as professionals in Europe and a local Icelandic team, ÍA Akranes almost became giant killer when they won their home match against Feyenoord in the UEFA competition in early 1990's!

Moreover, there has been a link between these teams through the years, because 3 players from ÍA Akranes have also played with Feyenoord; Pétur Pétursson and the twins Arnar and Bjarki Gunnlaugssons's. Pétur Pétursson, enjoyed probably the best time with Feyenoord where he scored 49 goals and played alongside famous Dutch players like Ruud Gullit and Peter Houtman.

Eiður Smári Gudjohnsen is another Icelandic player who enjoyed good time in Netherlands where he played with PSV Eindhoven in the attack along with Ronaldo.
However he got injured and that ended his time with PSV. Today he is, without any doubt, the most talented Icelandic player. Other famous Icelandic players, past and present are e.g.: Albert Guðmundsson who was the first Icelandic professional and played with Arsenal, Fc Paris and AC Milan long ago. Jóhannes Eðvaldsson who played with Celtic. His brother Atli Eðvaldsson who played with Dortmund, Dusseldorf . Arnór Gudjohnsen, the father of Eiður Smári, had a superb career with Anderlecht and Bordeaux. Ásgeir Sigurvinsson, who was probably the best Icelandic player ever.

Natural left winger and made his name playing for Stuttgart in Germany. He was even offered West-German citizenship so he could play for West-Germany, but refused it. Eyjólfur Sverrisson is another Icelandic player who also played for Stuttgart. But later on in his career he played with Besiktas and Hertha Berlin where he finally blossomed.

Source: Tryggvi Már Ingvarsson. Toeter. 2003.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Bjarnason scores in the Scottish Youth Cup final

Celtic U-19s beat Hearts 3-1 tonight to secure the Scottish Youth Cup for the second year running.

Iceland U-21 international Teddy Bjarnason gave Celtic the lead on the stroke of half time.

Hearts got the equalizer in the 88th minute with a goal from striker John Neil and the match went into extra time.

During extra time Hearts enjoyed the better of the game but seemingly against the run of play Celtic managed to score two late goals to secure the victory and the Scottish Youth cup and cap off a remarkable season.

Goalkeeper Haraldur Björnsson and midfielder Eggert Gunnthor Jónsson started the match for Hearts.


The Icelandic league competition starts in middle of May. There are 4 leagues in Iceland and the highest one is called Premium League. None of these leagues are professional although the best players are paid somewhat during the playing season, mostly in the form of bonuses. Each league consists of 10 teams and during the interval from mid May to mid September they play each other in two rounds, total 18 games. The winner of the Premium League and the team in second place qualify for UEFA place. There is also another competition that is called the 'Coca Cola cup' played where the winner also qualifies for UEFA.

FC Reykjavík (KR) is probably the most famous Icelandic team and it is 'probably' the biggest. Other teams that also could qualify as big in Iceland are ÍA Akranes, ÍBV Vestmannaeyjar, Fc Fram, Valur and more recently Fylkir and Grindavík.

Source: Tryggvi Már Ingvarsson. Toeter. 2003


This excellent article appeared in the Dutch magazine ´Toeter´ in 2003. The author of the article is Icelandic by the name of Tryggvi Már Ingvarsson. It's so great that I thought it would be perfect to put it up on this site.

by Tryggvi Már Ingvarsson

It is January. The temperature is below zero and it is snowing. A group of men is jogging along Elliðaá River in the suburbs of Reykjavík. They are on their way to training that takes place in a building which usually is used to tame and train horses, but they are going there to play football. On coarse gravel field that smells like the wrong end of a horse!

Icelandic football players are starting preparation for new season! Next months contain endless jogging in all kinds of weathers; sunny, raining, snowing, windy, or all these weather combined in one! They emphasize on physical training without football. The reason for this has been the tremendous lack of facilities which has prohibited Icelandic players to train the technical aspects of the game. The emergence of big indoor football facilities recently in Iceland is now hopefully changing this.

The preparing season is from the beginning of January until middle of May when the Icelandic league starts. During this time players build up stamina and muscles, some ambitious teams also go abroad to warmer countries like Portugal and Spain to train and play friendly matches. In March, April, May there are also two competitions played on artificial grass, the local Reykjavík competition and the 'League cup' but they are not taken very seriously by most teams. Young players get the first experience from senior football in these competitions.

The best ever - # 10. Atli Edvaldsson - Part 2

Edvaldsson was sold to Bayern Uerdingen in 1985 but never found his rythm at the club, scoring only 9 goals in three Bundesliga seasons. The striker left Bayern Uerdingen in 1989 to try his luck in the Turkish Premiership, with Besiktas. He only played one season in Turkey before returning back to Iceland.

Edvaldsson is a ´Valsari´ (the term used for Valur supporters) but nontheless he is hated by most Valur supporters. He himself says he’s a ´KR-ingur´ (the term used for KR Reykjavík supporters) because he played for KR for a while and later managed them to become Icelandic Champions after nearly thirty years of title-drought.

The charismatic striker is one of the best ever header of the ball in the history of Icelandic football, he was just awesome in the air. One time during his Dortmund stint he scored 5 goals in one match, 4 goals were from headers. Incredible.

Edvaldssson was a magnificent captain and a team great leader. He could play every position on the pitch and was a great servant for the Iceland national side.

Edvaldsson was the first foreigner to become topscorer in the German Bundesliga.

He scored 8 goals in 70 internationals for Iceland.

The best ever - # 10. Atli Edvaldsson - Part 1

dino baggio is god! concludes his review of the best ever Icelandic footballers.

10. Atli Edvaldsson – Edvaldsson is a person who people either love or hate, both as a player and as a manager. I remember him in 1990, then the captain of the Iceland national side scoring with a back heel against France at the Laugardalsvöllur stadium in Iceland. The France side included the likes of Eric Cantona and Jean Pierre Papin, the manager was none other than Michel Platini.

Edvaldsson enjoyed a illustrious career in Germany with German giants Dotrmund and Bayer Uerdingen. The striker joined Dortmund as a 23-year-old in 1980 and had a very good debut season in the German Bundesliga, scoring 11 goals in 28 matches. The following season, Edvaldsson endured a frustrating time as he was often out injured and played only two league matches.

The 1982/83 was Edvaldsson´s best season in Germany as he became the best striker in the league, scoring 21 goals in 34 league matches. He got the golden boot for finishing topscorer in the Bundesliga. As a 26-year-old the best years seemed ahead. However he never reached the heights of the 1982/83 season again. The following season he scored 8 goals in 29 league matches and slowly began to drift away.

Pre-season friendlies

Icelandic 2nd division club Njardvík managed a suprising two-all draw against Icelandic Premiership club Valur yesterday while Icelandic Premiership club ÍA Akranes beat Icelandic 1st Division club HK Kópavogur 3-0.

Source: www.Fó

Thordur Gudjonsson faces a injury lay-off

ÍA Akranes midfielder Thordur Gudjonsson is facing a lay-off because of a thigh injury, reports Fréttablaðið.

The 32-year-old pulled a thigh muscle couple of months ago but had since recovered fully. The injury however flaired up during training on Monday.

“It is very unlikely I’ll be fit for the first game of the season.

“It is very frustrating after all the hard work I’ve done in the past months. But thats life.

"It's only the third time in my career that I pull a muscle and it couldn´t have happened at a worse time,” said the former Stoke City player to Fréttablaðið.

Gudjohnsen snr rejects Blackburn claims

Eidur Gudjohnsen's father and agent Arnór Gudjohnsen has rejected claims linking the Chelsea forward with a move to English Premiership club Blackburn Rovers, reports

''It's not true, we have not had contact with Blackburn.

''We are still in contact with Chelsea about his future and hopefully by the end of this week we'll have clarification,'' Gudjohnsen snr told

Hallfredsson takes Allsvenskan by storm

Malmö FF midfielder Emil Hallfredsson is being heralded in the Swedish media for his debut performance against Helsingborg in the Allsvenskan last Tuesday night, reports Fréttablaðið.

Hallfredsson who missed the start of the season due to a groin injury, started the match on the bench but entered the fray in the 68th minute when the score was 1-1.

The flamboyant midfielder made an immediate impact from the get-go, setting up two goals to earn Malmö FF a 3-1 victory.

“Yes, I had to make an impact in my first match,” said Hallfredsson who started full training only last week.

“I was on the left wing and the manager told me to do what I do best, the step-overs and turns and put in crosses for the forwards.

“The manager along with my teammates and the media seemed satisfied with my performance as I had to do a lot of interviews after the match,” said Hallfredsson who many thought overshadowed the one and only Jari Litmanen.

“Now that is a big compliment. He’s a legend in the game,” said the Icelandic international in a proud voice.

The Hafnarfjördur born midfielder is enjoying his loan spell in Sweden and has no regrets in leaving Tottenham.

“I played regulary for Malmö FF during pre-season and I am supposed to be one of the main players going forward, so it’s obvious that I will play alot more big games for Malmö FF than the Tottenham reserves,” said the 21-year-old.

Malmö FF take on Swedish champions Djurgarden tomorrow and there is a real anticipation amongst the Allsvenskan before the game.

“It will be a fun game and hopefully I get the chance to play tomorrow. I am thinking about putting the ball between the legs of Kári Árnason at least once,” concluded Hallfredsson.

Source: Fréttablaðið

Fjölnir sign defender on loan

Icelandic First Division club Fjölnir have signed Breidablik defender Ágúst Thor Ágústsson on loan until the end of the season, reports Fó

"There were other clubs interested in signing me on loan but I decided to join Fjölnir because I believe the club has the most potential of those clubs which were interested.

"Fjölnir is ambitious young side which I believe can go far this season," said Ágústsson to Fó

KA Akureyri sign Slovakian defender

Icelandic First Division club KA Akureyri have completed the signing of Slovakian defender Janez Vrenko, reports Fó

The 24-year-old is expected to make his debut for the Akureyri club next weekend against rivals Thor Akureyri.

Source: www.Fó

Gudjonsson saddened to leave Leicester

Departing Leicester midfielder Joey Gudjonsson says he is saddened to be leaving English Championship club Leicester City.

The Iceland international has decided to join Dutch club AZ Alkmaar in June but revealed he was tempted to remain at the Walkers Stadium.

"I'm leaving with mixed emotions, but the decision has been made.

"I was close to staying but the decision was made before Leicester came to me. I would've liked to have stayed, but I had to make a choice for myself and my family.

"From a personal point of view, my time here has been good - I've enjoyed my experiences, I've felt at home here and I've improved as a player," said Gudjonsson.


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ÍBV to trial English goalkeeper

English goalkeeper Adrian Fairfield is due to arrive in Iceland this week as he is set to join Icelandic Premiership club ÍBV Vestmannaeyjar on a trial, reports Morgunblaðið.

Fairfield’s previous clubs include English sides Walsall and Burton Albion.

“We dont know much about this goalkeeper. He requested we’d take a look at him and he’s here at his own expence. We’ll just have to wait and see if he’s good enough for us or not,” said ÍBV chairman Gísli Hjartarson to Morgunblaðið.

ÍBV to sign Garner

English defender Matt Garner is on his way to Icelandic Premiership club ÍBV Vestmannaeyjar, reports Morgunblaðið.

The 22-year-old enjoyed a previous spell at the club back in 2004, playing 16 matches.

Garner is expected to join up with his new club in the week and is sure to strengthen the ÍBV side before they take on Keflavík on the first day of the season next weekend.

Gudjohnsen to be a Rover?

English newspaper Daily Star is claiming that Icelandic international Eidur Gudjohnsen spent two days last week up in the North West in England in talks with Blackburn Rovers.

The 27-year-old striker is believed to have met Blackburn Rovers chairman John Williams and manager Mark Hughes who is eager to bring Gudjohnsen to Ewood Park.

According to Daily Star, a £6m transfer could be completed as early as this week.

Monday, May 08, 2006

The best ever - # 9. Pétur Pétursson

9. Pétur Pétursson – Another one of those Akranes boys. Pétursson had set a scoring record in the Icelandic Premiership as 19 year old by scoring 19 goals in 17 league matches in 1979, the year before he scored 16 league goals in 18 league matches for Akranes as a 18-year-old. In total 35 goals in 35 matches. After setting the goalscoring record in Iceland he was one of the sought after youngsters in Europe and he decided to join Dutch giants Feyenoord. He started the first season in great form and scored 23 league goals in 33 league games. At one time during his Feyenoord career he was way ahead of every one else in the goalscoring chart of the Dutch league and at one point he had scored the most goals in Europe and the European Golden Boot was in sight but he had a dip in form in the final matches.

His goalscoring record for Feyenoord was quite good; 49 league goals in 88 league matches. He however like so many Icelandic footballers made the wrong choice. He joined Belgian sides Anderlecht and Antwerp but his strike rate had rapidly decreased as he netted only 17 goals 71 league matches in Belgium. He joined Spanish side Hercules in 1985 but never reached the form he reached at Feyenoord. So you could say he just faded into obscurity; and returned back to Iceland in the eighties.

Pétursson would probably be higher on my list had he not began to slowly drift away so early in his career. His professional career finished at the age of thirty.

Pétursson played with Icelandic clubs KR Reykjavík, ÍA Akranes and Tindastóll in the final years of his career. He was a divine goalscorer but a poor manager as later turned out.

Pétursson scored 11 goals in 41 internationals for Iceland.

Major Gudjohnsen news tomorrow?

One of my sources has informed me that several of tomorrows English newspapers will run a story on Chelsea striker Eidur Gudjohnsen.

The story is reportedly about Gudjohnsen on the verge of joining a new club.

Note: This is not offical and could well be incorrect.

We'll just have to wait until tomorrow to find out.

Gunnarsson continues his fine form in the Norwegian Tippeligaen

Icelandic striker Veigar Gunnarsson scored his fourth goal in six games for Stabæk in the Norwegian Tippeligaen as they drew Brann 2-2.

Icelandic international defender Kristjan Sigurdsson also managed to get himself on the scoresheet in the game by scoring the Brann equalizer in the 89th minute..


Hvíti Riddarinn wins the Icelandic C-League Cup

Hvíti Riddarinn beat KV 3-1 yesterday in the final of the Icelandic C-League Cup.

The goalscorers were:

1-0 Baldur Fannar Andrésson (Hvíti Riddarinn)
2-0 Gudjon Frímann Thorunnarsson (Hvíti Riddarinn)
3-0 Baldur Fannar Andrésson (Hvíti Riddarinn)
3-1 Vilhjalmur Alvar Thorarinsson (KV)


Kristinsson collects Lokeren’s player of the year gong

Former Icelandic international Rúnar Kristinsson was voted player of the year in Lokeren's annual player of the year awards last Friday night.

The 37-year-old midfielder enjoyed a fantastic season for Lokeren in which he scored six goals. Kristinsson is considering his footballing future but expects to play on for one more year.

“The Lokeren president has been really nice to me and it’s very easy to negotiate contract terms with him. We have reached a verbal agreement.

"If the age begins to take it’s toll at the beginning of next season and I start of badly, I have the option to quit. It’s a mutual arangement.

"I intend to play on for one more season at Lokeren. It’s a ninety percent certainity that I will retire from football after next season,” said Kristinsson who has enjoyed a remarkable career in domestic and international football.


FH Hafnarfjördur manager disapointed with loss

FH Hafnarfjördur
manager Ólafur Jóhannesson was left frustrated after seeing his side lose 1-0 against Valur in the annual Icelandic equilivent of the English Community Shield.

Speaking to Icelandic football website Fó the manager couldnt hide his disapointment.

“It’s always disapointing to lose a football match but I think it was an even match. The teams were evenly matched. The quality of football on display was poor but thats history now, they won,” said Jóhannesson to Fó

The FH manager said the loss will not detriment the morale in the team before the start of the Icelandic Premiership next weekend.

“We are not used to losing matches and this was a frustrating loss,” concluded Jóhannesson.


Gudmundsson fires Valur to victory in the Icelandic Super Cup

Icelandic Cup Winners Valur beat champions FH Hafnarfjördur in the annual Icelandic equilivent of the English Community Shield, the Super Cup.

Valur striker Matthías Gudmundsson scored the only goal of the game in the 75th minute.


Sunday, May 07, 2006

Helguson strike wins it for Fulham

Icelandic international Heidar Helguson scored from the penalty spot to earn Fulham all three points against Middlesborough at Craven Cottage in the English Premiership today.

The striker was hauled down by Middlesborough defender David Wheater in the 84th minute and the 28-year-old made no mistake from the spot, sending goalkeeper Ross Turnbull the wrong way.

The best ever - # 8. Sigurdur Jónsson

Dino Baggio is god! continues his review of the best ever Icelandic footballers:

8. Sigurdur Jónsson - He is one of many Akranes players who have become succesful footballers in Europe. It became apparant fairly quickly that Jónsson was exceptional talent. At the age of 16 he made his Akranes debut. If it was not for his long periods of injuries he would probably be ranked higher of my list of the best ever Icelandic footballers. The beginning of Jónsson's injury nightmare was when Scottish hardman Graeme Souness slided in with a disgusting tackle on the Icelander in a international game in the eighties. Jónsson had done a trick on Souness by passing the ball trough the legs of the Scottish midfielder at the Laugardalsvöllur Stadium in Iceland. Everybody knows that Souness is insane.

Jónsson was soon beginning to attract scouts from all round Europes because of his talents and was one of the most sought of the young midfielder in Europe. A goal against the England U-19s from 35 meters did his chances no harm. The story goes, after that game a agent from a big English club went into the Iceland U-19s dressing room and offered the talented youngster a contract. Jónsson feeling pretty good with himself and pretty high on scoring a wondergoal aganst England stuffed the contract in his mouth, chewed on it and spit it out. However, he signed for English club Sheffield Wednesday (a big club in England back then) couple of days later.

Jónsson played for Sheffield Wednesday and Barnsley and did ok before moving to Highbury to join English giants Arsenal managed then by none other than George Graham. His Arsenal career was frustrating, injuries began to take it's toll and he only played over twenty games scoring one goal. After that he tried his luck in Sweden and Scotland, and had moved from playing in midfield into the sweeper role which he did brilliantly.

Jónsson returned home and is a pretty good manager today. Jónsson played many memorable internationals for Iceland. When the Iceland national side peaked in 1998, Siggi Jónsson and Eyjólfur Sverrisson were in the heart of the Iceland defence and no missed Gudni Bergsson back then.

A classy player!

Today´s team news:

Icelandic international Eidur Gudjohnsen has not recovered from an injury sustained in training on Friday and is out as Chelsea travel to St. James´s Park to take on Newcastle United.

Icelandic international Heidar Helguson has been dropped to the bench as Fulham take on Midlands club West Bromwich Albion at Craven Cottage.

Gíslason: Norwegians can still bid for Stoke City

The Icelandic owners of Stoke City Stoke Holding SA have agreed in principal to sell the club to former owner, millionaire Peter Coates. However the door is still open for the reported Norwegian consortium to make a bid for the club, reports Icelandic newspaper Morgunblaðið.

Stoke City chairman Gunnar Gíslason says the sale to Coates has been agreed in principal but there are few loose ends to sort out. The deal is expected to be sorted in the next couple of weeks and Gíslason has a tinge of sadness as he plots the sale of the club he has run for the past seven years.

"We have been at the helm for seven years and every season we've bettered the club financially as well improving the playing side. We wanted to bail out before we became unable to take the club further," said Gíslason.

Gunnar said the reported Norwegian consortium had not submitted a formal offer as such but the consortium still had the opportunity to make an offer for the club.

"The British way of doing business is slighlty different than in other countries, no deal is done and dusted until the dotted line has been signed by those involved," concluded Gíslason.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Gudjon steers Notts County to safety but the supporters call for his head

Gudjon Thordarson is breathing a sigh of relief tonight as Notts County narrowly excaped relegation from the English Football League to the Conference with a 2-2 draw against Bury at home.

After a successful start to his Notts County career, earning him the manager of the month accolade in the first month of his tenure, the season has seen the club plummet down the league.

Notts County supporters are reportedly furious with the Icelandic manager and how he has failed to turn things around at the club and want the 50-year-old out of the club.

Thordarson is reportedly interested in the vacant Tranmere Rovers hot-seat.

The Iceman injuredeth

Icelandic international Eidur Gudjohnsen was scheduled to be a studio guest in Chelsea TV’s show ‘Big Match Countdown’ last evening.

The scheduled interview was however abruptly cancelled due to Gudjohnsen taking a knock during yesterday´s training.

The 27-year-old forward is now a doubt before tomorrow's match against Newcastle at St. James's Park.

Trio to take part in the Scottish Youth Cup Final

A trio of Icelandic youngsters are scheduled to take part in the Scottish Youth Cup Final, which takes place at Celtic Park on Wednesday night.

Celtic U-19s, spearheaded by flamboyant Icelandic midfielder Teddy Bjarnason who has been earning himself rave reviews of late by the Celtic coaching staff, will take on their Hearts counterparts in a match built up to be a fierce encounter.

Icelandic goalkeeper Haraldur Björnsson has been in impressive form for Hearts U-19s while Icelandic midfielder Eggert Gunnthor Jónsson has been outstanding this season.

Celtic won the Scottish Youth Cup Final for a record eighth time last year when they beat St. Mirren 2-0 at Hamden Park. Icelandic striker Kjartan Henry Finnbogason played the whole match along with Teddy Bjarnason who could could win the Scottish Youth Cup for the second time on Wednesday night.

Grindavík beat Njardvík in a pre-season friendly

Icelandic Premiership club Grindavík beat Icelandic 2nd division club Njardvík 4-1 in a pre-season friendly yesterday, reports Fó

The goalscorers for Grindavík were Jóhann Thorhallsson with a brace and Mounir Ahandour and former Njardvík midfielder Óskar Örn Hauksson with one goal each. Gudni Erlendsson scored the only goal for Njardvík.


Danish club Bröndby to trial three Icelandic youngsters

Danish Premiership club Bröndby has offered three Icelandic youngsters the chance to train with the club, reports Fó

The youngsters who play for Breidablik, Kristinn Steindórsson, Birkir Snær Ingvarsson and Vignir Jóhannessonare all born in 1990. Their youth team coach Bryngeir Torfason will accompany them to Denmark on Thursday.

All three players have been selected to train with the U-17 Iceland internatioanl squad.


Fó predicts - 10th place: Breidablik

Icelandic footy website Fó which is one Icelands most popular wesbites has begun a rundown and preview of the upcoming Icelandic season. One of their football expert Ólafur Kristjánsson has done a preview and I've taken the liberty to translate it here on this site.

Fó predicts that Kópavogur club Breidablik will struggle and finish in tenth and last place in the league.

Breidablik is a side which earned promotion to the Premiership last season. They are a powerful side and have players
who are fast and can cause damage to the opposition by using their pace. They play a direct type of football and have an
advantage in their coach who has been at the club for few years.

The strengths: Breidablik did well last season in the Icelandic first division and have assembled a side that is very compact.
They have lost Faroe Islands international Hans Frodi Hansen back to the Faroe Islands who had an outstanding last season at
the club but the manager will solve that. Breidablik have two extremely promising central defenders in Gudmann Thorisson and
Kári Ársælsson. Those two could have a great season but their inexperience could prove costly also.

The weaknesses: Breidablik is fairly young side and they dont have many players with Premiership experience.

Players to watch:
Marel Baldvinsson who has returned to Breidablik from Belgian side Lokeren is a good player but he's quite injury prone and could not
last the whole season. However if he's stays clears of injuries he is without a doubt one of the best strikers in the league. Breidablik
could be in big trouble upfront if he gets injured. Stiig Haaland is a good left back who will strengthen the side. All in all it's a fairly even
side with hard working players.

Key player:
Breidablik's key player is the whole team according to Fó Its difficult to pick and chose amongst the Breidablik players but if Marel Baldvinsson remains injury free he'll be their key player for sure.

Propable starting eleven:
Haflidason; Haaland, Thorisson, Ársælsson,A Gunnarsson; Podzemsky, Sigurgeirsson, Sigurdsson, R Gunnarsson, Thorsteinsson;

Friday, May 05, 2006

Icelanders sell Stoke City

Contrary to reports in Icelandic media the Icelandic consortium Stoke Holding SA have sold English Championship club Stoke City back to former owner Peter Coates.

Therefore the Icelandic Saga in Staffordshire has officially endeth.

More news later

No official move for Gudjohnsen yet

Chelsea forward Eidur Gudjohnsen and Birmingham striker Emile Heskey are Blackburn Rovers top summer targets as the club bids to solve it’s striker conondrum, reports Lancashire Evening Telegraph.

Contrary to reports in the English press, no official moves have been made for either player as yet, but there is genuine interest from Blackburn Rovers in both players.

Blackburn Rovers chairman John Williams said that he expects the club to be busy in the transfer market during the summer.

"I expect there to be some comings and goings over the summer," said Williams.

"In the past, the board has always supported the manager in the best way we can, and that will continue."

D-Day looms for Notts County

Notts County manager Gudjon Thordarson believes his players have faith in themselves to beat the drop as his side lies two points above the drop zone. Only a win against Bury tomorrow would guarantee safety and another season in the Football League, reports the Nottingham Evening Post.

“It is a massive weekend we have ahead of us. The game is huge. It is massive and so Important to all of us,” said Thordarson at yesterday’s pre-match Press Conference.

“I look forward to the final weekend, even though I would have liked to have looked forward to the game in different circumstances.

“The game means a lot to our fans.

“I am exited about the game, more so than being nervous. We’ve had a good week.

“Im not focusing on other results, but I am sure I will be made aware of what is going on elsewhere. The focus is on us.

“For us, it is about not conceding sloppy goals, staying focused and firm, winning the game. I’ve told them to remain focused and firm, and we need to be professional and cope with whatever is thrown at us,” concluded Thordarson in a boyant mood.

Notts County flamboyant midfielder David Pipe agreed with the manager's words.

"It would be wrong not to be tense and nervous and the crowd will add to the pressure.

"But we need to turn that pressure into a positive and take it to them,” said Pipe.

The best ever - # 7. Hermann Hreidarsson

7. Hermann Hreidarsson – A footballer who always fights for his team and is quite insane at times it has to be said – a characteristic that often can be said about people coming from the Vestmann Islands.

Hreidarsson left ÍBV as a 24 year old in 1997, joining English Premiership side Crystal Palace. I personally didn’t expect much from him as he had often been the weak link in defence in internationals for Iceland. He looked very clumsy and uncomfortable on the ball. But of course he had his strengths also. He managed to go straight into the Palace first team but of course there were highs and lows during the first season in England. He managed to scored an own goal at Old Trafford in one of his first matches but he rectified that by marking Ian Wright and Dennis Bergkamp out of a game against Arsenal at Highbury causing Wright to get in a little fight with Hreidarsson. Palace were relegated that season and Hreidarsson left the club. He managed to play in all of the divisions in the English League. He played for Wimbledon, Brentford, Ipswich and finally Charlton where he plays now. He is a important first team player at Charlton and is regarded as a good Premiership player.

Hreidarsson has been captain for Charlton of late and that says a lot about his position within the club. Hreidarsson has improved his game a lot since he left Iceland in 1997 and his career is quite remarkable. For example he was not rated as a youth player in Iceland and didn’t excel for any youth team. He has had to work hard and is therefore a goos rolemodel.

He always works hard for the Iceland national side and one can see how much he cares for his country. A class player who I wish we had more of in the national side.

Farewell to Stoke City

As the Icelandic owners of Stoke City prepare to hand over the keys to the Staffordhire club to Norwegian business tycoon Öystein Stray Spetalen the word ´naivity´ springs to mind when describing Stoke Holding SA’s tenure at the club.

Stoke Holding SA has made decisions during the tenure that have been highly questionable and quite incredibly naive. That comes from the fact that those running the club have no football background whatsoever and their inability to listen to those with the required football background; the managers.

These decision are all highly questionable:

The five year plan/the sales of Peter Thorne and Graham Kavanagh to Cardiff/the sacking of Gudjon Thordarson after steering the club to promotion/not investing in Icelandic youth/the constant buying of poor Icelandic players/the handling of the Steve Cotterill affair/the failure to agree terms with Icelandic international Heidar Helguson in the summer 2004/the sacking of Tony Pulis/the appointment of Johan Boskamp/the child-like relationship with the English contingent on the Stoke City board of directors.

It is believed that Spetalen will opt for a fairly big managerial appointment.

More news later

The best ever - # 6. Rúnar Kristinsson

Dino Baggio is god! continues his review of the best ever Icelandic footballers:

6. Rúnar Kristinsson - One of my favourite ever players. As a 17-year-old he made his international debut and was one of the best players playing in Iceland. Kristinsson was however 25-year-old when he finally tried his luck abroad in 1994. He started his professional career with Swedish club Örgryte as a creative midfielder. Following two seasons in Sweden he changed clubs and signed for Norwegian side Lilleström. He quickly became one of the best players in the Norwegian Premiership (Tippeligaen). In 1999 he was voted the best player in the league by his fellow professionals. He was without a doubt a great midfielder and provided Icelandic striker Heidar Helguson (now at Fulham) with many goalscoring chances at Lilleström when they were teammated there for a brief time.

After four succesful years in Norway Kristinsson joined Belgian Premiership side Lokeren and tried out in a new position; as a striker. He is still playing for Lokeren as a 37-year-old and is still the clubs best player and is considered a god by the Lokeren supporters. If we compare his international career to other great Icelandic players, he’s probably the best ever. Kristinsson played about 100 international and two games stand out during that illustrious career. A magnificent performance against France in 1998 where he overshadowed the best player in the world Zinedine Zidane and the performance against Italy in 2004; an outstanding performance which steered Iceland to a 2-0 win over Italy.

What seperates Rúnar from many other Icelandic players who have played abroad is the fact that he has never been a benchwarmer. He made wise choices during his career by not joining big clubs with lots of money instead he joined clubs where he was guranteed playing time and the platform to be the star of the team. Icelandic footballers tend to think they are bigger than they really are. For example, Arnar Gunnlaugsson was one of the best players in the English Championship with Bolton in 1999 having scored 13 goals in 27 league games and when Premiership side Leicester came knocking on his door he jumped at the chance. He never made an impact at Leicester and was usually used as a sub. Since then his career has gone downhill and he hasn’t played decent football for years. The same thing can be said of Thordur Gudjonsson. He was voted the best player in Belgium in the late nineties but wasted his career with bad decisions following his departure from Lokeren.

Eidur could have been a Red three years ago

Peter Garrison the former agent of Icelandic international Eidur Gudjohnsen is not surpriced by the reported interest from Alex Ferguson in the talented Chelsea forward, reports Icelandic newspaper Fréttablaðið.

“Gudjohnsen was very close to joining Manchester United three years ago,” said Garrison who is in no doubt that the 27-year-old forward will be in no shortage of offers if he decides to leave Chelsea.

Gudjohnsen was linked with a move to Manchester United, Tottenham and Blackburn in the English media yesterday.


Stjarnan win the Icelandic B-League Cup

Stjarnan beat Leiknir 4-2 yesterday in the final of the Icelandic B-League Cup.

The goalscorers were:

1-0 Gudjon Baldvinsson (Stjarnan)
2-0 Sigurbjörn Ingimundarsson (Stjarnan)
2-1 Einar Örn Jónsson (Leiknir)
2-2 Björn Sigurbjörnsson (Leiknir)
3-2 Magnús Björgvinsson (Stjarnan)
4-2 Magnús Björgvinsson (Stjarnan)


Fylkir say no to Danish defender

Icelandic Premiership club Fylkir have decided not to sign Danish left-back Rasmus Olsen who has been training with the club this week, reports Fó

Olsen played in a pre-season friendly against Vídir on tuesday and didnt impress sufficiently to earn himself a move to the Reykjavík based club.

“The playerswe sign have to be better than the ones who are already at the club. He wouldn´t have improved the side,” said Fylkir manager Leifur Gardarsson.


Thursday, May 04, 2006

Breidablik trial Namibian defender

Icelandic Premiership side Breidablik have offered Namibian defender Oliver Risser (25) the chance to come and train with the club, reports Fó

The defender will arrive at the club on Saturday and is scheduled to take part in a pre-season friendly against KR Reykjavík on Sunday.

The 25-year-old has been playing in Germany for the past few years and was part of the Dortmund reserve side until he got injured over a year ago.

Risser who also holds a German passport joined German Oberliga side SV Sandhausen and has recovered fully from his injury and wants to try his luck in a stronger league.


'Little Abramovich' closing in on Stoke City

Norwegian business tycoon Öystein Stray Spetalen nicknamed 'little Abramovic' in his home country is on the verge of taking over Icelandic owned club Stoke City, reports Icelandic newspaper Fréttablaðið.

Stoke City chairman Gunnar Thor Gíslason confirmed to Fréttablaðið that the Icelandic consortium are in talks with a Norwegian based consortium but refused to reveal the identity of the possible buyers.

According to Fréttablaðið sources, Spetalen is definatly one of those involved with the Norwegian consortium.

Source: Fréttablaðið

Gunnarsson enjoying Hammarby stay

Icelandic U-21 international Gunnar Thor Gunnarsson has been in outstanding form for his new club Hammarby in Sweden since joining the Allsvenskan club in March.

The left-back was a rock in the Hammarby defence as the side secured a 2-0 win over fierce rivals AIK Stockholm last evening.

“I am happy, I can´t be anything else. It was a really fun derby game and its very nice to have got the three points. We didnt play our best in the first half but we had a good second-half and showed our strength.

“I was unhappy with my first-half performance but in the second-half I got better and it was fine for me,” said Gunnarsson to Swedish supporters website fantv.

“We kept them quiet for most of the match, they had maybe two chances in the whole match so I think we were tight at the back. The athmosphere at the ground tonight was great as always.

“Fortunetly I havent lost a game with Hammarby yet and hopefully I wont have to do so until after the break during the World Cup at least.

“It’s been great so far and Im very happy,” said Gunnarsson in Boyant mood.


Gudjohnsen calm over Chelsea future

Icelandic international Eidur Gudjohnsen is calm over his Chelsea future despite reports linking him away from Stamford Bridge, reports Icelandic newspaper Morgunblaðið.

The talented striker has been the subject of speculation linking him away from Chelsea in the past weeks with the striker being the odd man out at Stamford Bridge, having been left out of the side for five matches running.

Gudjohnsen is adamant that he's not losing any sleep over the speculation.

“I am very calm about my situation. I am contracted to Chelsea until the summer 2008 and it is not a foregone conclusion that I will be leaving the club this summer,” said Gudjohnsen to Morgunblaðið.

Gudjohnsen played his first game for Chelsea for over a month against Blackburn Rovers last Tuesday evening and put on a decent performance. According to The Sun, he was the Blues' best player along with Lassana Diarra and Frank Lampard.

“I was satisfied with my performance on Tuesday but of course it showed at times that I hadn´t played for a while. I was unlucky not to score and felt extremely tired after the game,” concluded Gudjohnsen.

Chelsea take on Newcastle on the last day of the season on saturday.

Source: Morgunblaðið

Pre-season friendlies

The Icelandic Premiership starts in two weeks time and the teams are in the final stage of their preparation for the upcoming season.

ÍA Akranes beat Haukar 2-1 in a pre-season friendly last night with Kári Steinn Reynisson and Helgi Pétur Magnússon scoring the goals for Akranes. Edilon Hreinsson scored the goal for Haukar.

ÍBV Vestmannaeyjar beat ÍR Reykjavík 3-0 in wind and rain in Reykjavík yesterday. Atli Jóhannsson (1) and Sævar Eyjólfsson (2) scored the goals for ÍBV.


Iceland U-21s fail to break down the Andorrans

Iceland U-21s failed to make the chances count as Andorra held the two teams to a goalless draw in Andorra yesterday.

The Iceland side were the better of the two teams and had three clearcut chances to score but failed to make Andorra pay. Everton midfielder Bjarni Thor Vidarsson had a goal disallowed and despite some continued heavy pressure from the Iceland side the Andorrans defended stoutly and held on to a 0-0 draw.

The second match in this leg will take place in Iceland in June.


FH Hafnarfjördur win the Icelandic League Cup

FH Hafnarfjördur started the brighter of the two teams and attacking midfielder Sigurvin Ólafsson gave the Icelandic chmapions the lead with just 7 minutes on the clock. The midfielder beating the goalkeeper when clean through on goal.

Keflavík’s main striker Gudmundur Steinarsson could have made it honours even seven minutes later but his effort smashed against the woodwork.

In the 39th minute, FH Hafnarfjördur doubled the lead through defender Freyr Bjarnason who headed the ball in the back of the net after a corner. On the stroke of half-time prolific Iceland international striker Tryggvi Gudmundsson extended the lead to three goals and a comfortable win seemed to be on the cards for the Hafnarfjördur side.

Keflavík however started the second half more brightly and ten minutes into the second-half Keflavík had scored to make it 3-1, through Faroe Islands international Símun Samuelsen Keflavík continued to press and got their award in the 72nd minutes when Icelandic midfielder Hólmar Örn Rúnarsson scored after losing his marker.

Despite the brave come-back from Keflavík, FH Hafnarfjördur held on to win the game 3-2 and are the 2006 Icelandic League Cup Winners.


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The best ever - # 5. Arnór Guðjohnsen

4. Arnór Guðjohnsen – A scorer of great goals rather than a great goalscorer. Mainly employed as a forward or attacking midfielder by his managers. He started his professional football career at Belgian club Lokeren before moving to Anderlecht where he enjoyed his best spell in the game. Arnór played his best football while at Anderlecht. During this time, the Belgian league was considered one of the best league in the world and Arnor managed to become the leagues top goalscorer and being voted the player of the year in Belgium. He was also in the Anderlecht side that reached the UEFA Cup finals against Tottenham. The game was decided in penalty kicks where Arnór failed to score and Anderlecht lost the game.

Next stop was Bordeaux in France. The forward did quite well at the club, being top goalscorer in a side that included the likes of Zinedine Zidane. After the one season at Bordeaux he tried his luck in Sweden where he played as a king for Hacken and later Örebro. During his time in Sweden he was awesome to watch at times and was eventually voted the best ever foreign player to play in Allsvenskan (the top league in Sweden). Arnór enjoyed a successful international career as well. His best international game was aginst Turkey in 1991 where Arnór managed to score 4 goals (three of those were headers). An amazing career which could have been even more amazing.

Gardarsson seals Fram move

FH Hafnarfjördur midfielder Jónas Grani Gardarsson (33) has joined Icelandic 1st division club Fram, reports Fó

Gudjonsson sweeps player of the season awards

Iceland international Joey Gudjonsson has been voted the fans' Player of the Year as well as the players' Player of the year in Leicester City's annual player of the season awards. He also won the Goal of the season award.

Gudjonsson couldn’t hide his delight and said: "I would like to thank all the guys for this. It means a lot. We had some rough times this season but I think the team ended up strongly and I am sure Leicester will be back in the Premiership sooner rather than later."

The combative midfielder has agreed to join AZ Alkmaar in June.

Source: The Leicester Mercury

Gudjohnsen’s Chelsea future discussed yesterday

Eidur Gudjohnsen’s father who also acts as his son’s agent Arnór Gudjohnsen had a positive meeting with Chelsea chief executive Peter Kenyon yesterday about the future of the Icelandic international, reports Icelandic newspaper Morgunbladid.

Both Eidur Gudjohnsen and Chelsea manager José Mourinho were absent from the meeting due to last night's match against Blackburn Rovers at Ewood Park.

“The matter is at a delicate stage right now and the only thing I can say is that the meeting was very positive with regards to Eidur. Eidur’s future will be sorted very soon,” said Arnór Gudjohnsen to Morgunbladid.

Eidur Gudjohnsen continues to be linked with a move to Chelsea rivals Tottenham.

Norwegian consortium eyeing up Stoke City investment

The Icelandic owners of Stoke City, Stoke Holding SA, are locked in negotiations with two consortiums eyeing up the Staffordshire club.

One consortium is made up by former Stoke City owner Peter Coates who has had two unsuccesful takeover bids rejected in the past month, the other consortium is made up by Scandinavian Business tycoons.

It has emerged that a consortium of Norwegian businessmen are believed to be in the first stage of negotiations with Stoke Holding SA about taking over the English Championship club.

Norwegian business tycoons Öystein Stray Spetalen, a financial investor worth an estimated £150m, and 43-year-old hotel magnate Petter Stordalen last month scrapped plans to buy a controlling stake in English Premieship club Liverpool but have turned their attentions to the Icelandic owned club Stoke City, which they believe could be a favourable investment.

Icelandic owners Stoke Holding SA have debts of more than £5m owed to them by the club and if the first stage of negotiations with the Norwegian consortium proves successful the Norwegians could prepare a financial package suitable to all parties in the next couple of weeks.

The final of the Icelandic League Cup today

FH Hafnarfjördur and Keflavík will meet in the Icelandic League Cup final today.

FH Hafnarfjördur are two-times previous winners of the Icelandic League cup while Keflavík have never won the trophy.


Gudmundsson on target for Swedish club GAIS

Icelandic striker Jóhann Gudmundsson the only goal for Swedish Premiership club GAIS in a 1-2 loss against rivals IFK Gothenborg last night.

Gudmundsson was substituted in the 79th minute.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Hermannsson quits Ipswich Town

Iceland U-17 international Björn Orri Hermannsson (17) has quit English Championship club Ipswich Town and rejoined Icelandic Premiership club Fylkir, Fó reports.

The defender has acted on a clause in his scholarship contract which enabled him to leave after one year at the club.


Blackburn Rovers 1 - Chelsea 0

Eidur Gudjohnsen played the whole ninety minutes.

Young Icelandic goalkeepers in demand

It seems clubs across Britain are looking towards Iceland in their search for fresh goalkeeping talent.

Last year, 17 year old Óskar Pétursson signed for English Championship club Ipswich Town from Icelandic club Grindavík and 17 year old Haraldur Björnsson signed for Scottish Premiership club Hearts. Both goalkeepers have been impressive in their respective youth sides and have had opportunities in the reserves as well.

Another 17 year old, Thordur Ingason joined Everton on loan from Icelandic 1st division club Fjölnir in January and could sign on permanent basis in the summer. Everton among Arsenal are also keeping a close eye on 15 year old Stjarnan goalkeeper Arnar Darri Pétursson and it seems he'll be joining one of those two clubs next autumn.

The best ever - # 4. Guðni Bergsson

4. Guðni Bergsson – Bergsson was a part of the successful Valur side during the eighties in Icelandic football. The defender started his professional career in the 2. Bundesliga at 1860 Munich where he played on loan for one season. Bergsson started his professional career in the game pretty late and had started studying law when he received an offer from English Premiership club Tottenham. Of course he couldn´t say no to an offer from a manager in the shape of Terry Venables. Bergsson never managed to be cement his place in the side mainly because the side was considerably formidable at that time.

The defender returned back home to Valur and played one season for the club until he was signed by Bolton Wanderers during the spring of 1995. Bergsson played his first game for Bolton against Liverpool in the League Cup final at Wembley. He played at Bolton for eight years and was captain during his final years at the club. Believe it or not but he played his best football as a 38 year old in the best league in the world. He had a glittering international career which sadly ended on a sour note due to a fall out between Bergsson (then captain of the national side) and manager Gudjon Thordarson. Bergsson played his farewell international game in 2003 having been drafted back into the side by then Iceland manager Ásgeir Sigurvinsson.

Gudjohnsen gets rare start

Eidur Gudjohnsen has been confirmed in the Chelsea starting line-up in tonights game against Blackburn Rovers at Ewood Park.

The Chelsea starting line-up is as follows:

Cudicini; Del Horno, Carvahlo, Gallas, Geremi; Maniche, Diarra, Lampard, Wright-Phillips; Gudjohnsen, Crespo.

Bench: Pidgeley, Johnson, Duff, J. Cole, C. Cole.

The best ever - # 3 Eyjólfur Sverrisson

Dino Baggio is god! continues his review of the best ever Icelandic footballers:

3. Eyjólfur Sverrisson – Believe it or not but he’s not played in the Icelandic Premiership. He went straight from small club Tindastoll in Iceland to German giants Stuttgart. Sverrisson played mainly as a striker during the first few years of his career. He exceeded all expectations at Stuttgart and played over hundred games for the club. He managed to win the German Bundesliga.

In 1995 he followed his Stuttgart manager Christophe Daum to Turkey to play for Besiktas. He managed to be top goalscorer for the club and win the league during his Besiktas stint. Next stop was Germany again when he was brought in to be a part of a building process at prestigue club Hertha Berlin which had enjoyed a lean spell in German football during that time. When Sverrisson arrived at Hertha Berlin the club was lingering in the 2. Bundesliga but when he left eight years later the club had taken part in the UEFA Cup several times and once in the Champions League. Sverrisson had then captained the side for many years.

A truly great career. It´s worth noting that Sverrisson also had the chance to become a professional basketball player but chose football instead.

Grindavík sign French striker Ahandour

Icelandic Premiership club Grindavík have completed the signing of French striker Mounir Ahandour (23), Fó reports.

The striker played for Grindavík last season and is due to arrive at the club tomorrow for a second stint.

Ahandour netted 2 goals in 17 games for Grindavík last season.


Fylkir trial Danish defender

Icelandic Premiership club Fylkir will run the rule over Danish left back Rasmus Olsen (24) in the next couple of days with a view to sign him, Fó reports.

Olsen who plays for Danish club Thisted will take part in a friendly tonight when Fylkir take on Vídir.

Also, Björn Vidar Ásbjörnsson has started training with Fylkir again having returned to the club from the USA where he studies during the winter.


McStay believes in Bjarnason

Celtic’s U-19s manager Willie McStay believes Iceland U-21 international Teddy Bjarnason will be a success at Celtic but may have to go out on loan before making an impact in the Celtic first team.

When talking about the best up and coming youngsters at Celtic Park on the clubs official website, McStay mentioned three names he believes will succeed at the club.

Teddy Bjarnason, Charlie Grant and Simon Ferry all did very well this season and they are three players in particular who are going to leave this group and do well at the club.

“Maybe they will need to go out on loan to gain experience, like Charlie Mulgrew,” added McStay.

“He lifted the Youth Cup last season at Hampden and has excelled this season in the SPL with Dundee United, which has caught the manager’s attention, so there are different ways to do it,” concluded McStay.

Bjarnason will be in action for Iceland U-21s against their Andorra counterparts on Wednesday in a prelimenary match ahead of the 2007 U-21 European Championship.

One change for the Iceland U-21 game against Andorra

Fylkir midfielder Eyjólfur Hédinsson has been withdrawn from the Iceland U-21 squad which will take on Andorra on Wednesday.

Breidablik's Steinthor Freyr Thorsteinsson has been selected in place of Hédinsson.

The match is a prelimenary match ahead of the 2007 U-21 European Championship.

The end is nigh

Stoke City are in negotiations with two separate parties who are interested in taking over the Stafforshire club, Icelandic newspaper Fréttablaðið reveals today.

The Icelandic consortium bought the Championship club seven years ago for £3.7m but have decided that they have reached the end of the road.

“For us Icelanders, the end is near. We’ve grown a bit tired after seven seasons. This is not a bad time to call it quits, we’ve managed to make the club stronger and we’re satisfied with that. I think it’s important for others to take over the club,” said Gunnar Thor Gíslason to Fréttablaðið yesterday.

Gudjohnsen likely to start against Blackburn

Eidur Gudjohnsen is being tipped to start for Chelsea against Blackburn Rovers at Ewood Park tonight.

Chelsea manager José Mourinho has indicated that he´ll rest the clubs biggest stars which means a rare start for Gudjohnsen.

Thorarinsson's Hearts future in doubt

Icelandic U-21 international striker Hjalmar Thorarinsson (20) could be on the verge of leaving Scottish Premiership club Hearts following a disapointing season at the club.

Thorarinsson burst onto the scene at Hearts last season by scoring a goal in the semi-final of the Scottish Cup against Motherwell as well as making four league appearences.

The striker signed a three-and-a-half year contract with the club in March 2005 and was tipped to make an impact this season but has instead endured a disapointing season, having only made one appearence for the club, coming on as a substitute in the league.

The managerial merry-go-round and the influx of quality international strikers arriving at the club this season has condemned Thorarinsson to the reserves and it´s quite obvious that his future lies elsewhere.

Scottish first division club Clyde were interested in bringing Thorarinsson to the club on loan in January but the striker turned down the move.

Thordarson perplexed by County slump

Notts County manager Gudjon Thordarson admitted after saturdays 2-0 defeat to Cheltenham that he was surpriced to find his side caught in a relegation battle.

Thordarson said: "I didn't think we would slip that badly, I always felt we'd be a mid-table team and safe, but the last few weeks have been awkward.

"We now find ourselves in this situation and it's something we have to accept and get on with."

Source: Nottingham Evening News

Monday, May 01, 2006

The best ever - # 2. Eiður Smári Guðjohnsen

2. Eiður Smári Guðjohnsen – There is no need to introduce this fella. He is the youngest player to make his debut in the Icelandic Premiership for Valur in the summer of 1994 as a fifteen year old. He managed to score 7 goals in 17 league games and many of those goals can be classed as wondergoals.

Gudjohnsen left Valur to join PSV in the autumn of 1994. At the same time Brazilian star Ronaldo had joined the club and the two players were regarded as the two most promising players in Europe. The PSV coaching staff refused to single out which one was the better player. At 17, Gudjohnsen’s career with PSV was abruptly ended at a time when he had broken into the PSV first team. Having made his Champions League debut at the Nou Camp his future was bright until that fateful game for the Iceland Under-18s when the talented striker broke his ankle.

He was suddenly cast into the football wilderness. The PSV doctors feared his career as a footballer was over. He began to put on a lot of weight and the future looked bleak. He went back to Iceland with the tail between his legs and joined KR Reykjavík in 1997. He looked a completely different player to the youthful boy who has thrust himself into the heart of Icelandic football supporters back in 1994. This player was fat and slow. However people could see that his magnificent first touch was still there, his ability to spot a pass and his outstanding skills on the ball were still on display. He never scored for KR Reykjavik. However Bolton manager Colin Todd could see there was something special in this boy and took a risk on signing him in 1998. As they say, the rest is history

Had it not been for the serious ankle injury Gudjohnsen would without a doubt be an even better player than he is today. One has to wonder if he had pace and stamina to go with his intelligence and pose on the football pitch he’d truly be one of the best players in the world. Due to his injury he lost a yard of pace and the stamina. Because of this he’s not the best player to come out of Iceland.

Donys finds a new club

Icelandic striker Sigurdur Donys (20) has signed for Icelandic 2nd division club Huginn. Donys has been unlucky with injuries for the past two years and had to quit Icelandic Premiership club Keflavík last autumn due to a knee injury.

The striker has now fully recovered and is looking to relaunch his career with Huginn.

Donys who has two U-19s caps to his name for Iceland was once regarded as the hottest prospect in Icelandic football. Clubs such as Manchester United and Newcastle kept a close eye on him and Middlesborough, West Ham United, FC Copenhagen and Stoke City all offered him trials.


Gudjohnsen to learn his Chelsea fate

Eidur Gudjohnsen's future at Chelsea will be decided tomorrow according to his dad Arnór Gudjohnsen who also acts as his agent. The Icelandic international hasn't featured for the Blues in the past month and has been subject of speculation linking him away from Stamford Bridge.

Arnór Gudjohnsen told Icelandic newspaper Fréttablaðið yesterday that he'll have a meeting with Chelsea tomorrow where Eidur's future at Chelsea will be decided.

"After the meeting tomorrow, Eidurs future at the club should become more clearer," said Arnór Gudjohnsen.

Chelsea chief executive Peter Kenyon told BBC Radio Five Live yesterday that the club will allow three players to leave in the summer and re-iterated that neither Didier Drogba nor Shaun Wright-Phillips would be among those leaving.

Kenyon told BBC Radio Five Live: "It will be three in and three out.

"One of those is clearly Michael Ballack and we hope we can get that done before the World Cup."

Gudjohnsen has been linked with a move to Tottenham in the past few days.


The best ever - #1. Ásgeir Sigurvinsson

Here is a review by dino baggio is god! on the best Icelandic footballers to come out of Iceland. In the next few days the ten best will be revealed on this site. Note that no player playing before the seventies is included.

1. Ásgeir Sigurvinsson – Born in the tiny Vestmann Islands just off the Icelandic southcoast and left the country as a young boy to try his luck in professional football. Outstanding playmaker.

Sigurvinsson played for Standard Liege in Belgium before becoming one of the best midfielders in Europe with Bayern Munchen and Stuttgart in the German Bundesliga. He captained Stuttgart to win the Bundesliga title and was voted the best player in the league.

The “Kaiser”, Franz Beckenbauer tried to pressure Sigurvinsson into changing nationalities and become a German citizen before the 1986 World Cup in Mexico. According to Beckenbauer, Sigurvinsson was the prefect number ten in world football at that time.

If one has to critize Sigurvinsson for something that has to be his performances for the Icelandic national side. He always played better for his club sides than his national side. Maybe that was due to the quality of players around him. He later became the manager of Icelandic side Fram and the Icelandic national side. He started well as the coach of the national side, but his stint ended on a sour note as Iceland plummited down the FIFA rankings.

Gunnarsson on form for Norwegian side Stabaek

Talented Icelandic striker Veigar Páll Gunnarsson has started the newly started season in Norway with a bang. The striker netted a brace yesterday in a 4-1 away win against Lyn in the Norwegian Tippaligaen.

Hördur on the scoresheet for Silkeborg

Hördur Sveinsson got on the scoresheet yesterday for Danish Premiership club Silkeborg IF. The striker scored Silkeborg's only goal in a 1-3 loss to Viborg at home.